Did everyone delete their livejournals?

It's so empty here
Is everyone deleting their livejournals now? My feed has turned into a bunch of tumbleweeds.

I haven't really done much!
So, I haven't posted anything since June! I guess I'll write what's been going on lately. I haven't finished a single project I set out to do this summer, despite working on them a lot. When I was working on the Pectoral Storage Device I left it to work on the Animal Crossing game, which I left to work on the Tamagotchi game, which I left to work on my Yu-Gi-Oh!/Magic the Gathering Life points program for my DS, which I haven't worked on in over a week because I've been working with my mom a lot (with my last day being today) and I got three new games, Bastion, Civilization 5, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Bastion was like a 10 or so hour campaign, maybe less, so I beat that very fast, but I just want to keep playing Civ 5 and Animal Crossing forever, at the same time even!

So in light of these new distractions, I have planned a new course of action that will at least let me finish something this summer. The first is finish the Yu-Gi-Oh program because it is arguably the farthest along out of anything I've done this summer, followed by the Pectoral Storage Device, because I started the prototype and never finished it. When the latter is done I'll post pictures here, and if anyone is interested in the former I can post pictures of that too. I should have plenty of time to work on these since school starts the 26th and I move back to Pensacola on Tuesday (or maybe next weekend if I go to my friend Steven's.)

In some other lighthearted news, I smiled at a cute handicapped lady yesterday and she did a double take and smiled back at me, and then later on she looped around and try to get something from a shelf that was near me. Thinking about it now, she might've been baiting my attention to help her out (even though handicapped people normally prefer to feel independent and do it themselves) but I was in too much of a hurry and passed her just as she was getting up. ):. If I had caught on to what she was doing, I would've totally helped her. Helping people is one of the things I can do without my shyness butting in too much. Blah.

Oh, I'm also going to maybe go to Orlando this month for a week or so to visit Ronnie. I looked up the costs for a ticket and two $59 tickets (which is the advanced fare price) is very doable for me and I might go ahead and do it! But I have to talk with Ronnie about that still, and I want to move in and get the rest of the money I earned from my mom before I plan anything. I also haven't looked at anything other than Greyhound yet. Maybe I should do that.

Overwhelmed @_@

There is so much expected out of me this summer that I keep breaking down and not doing anything when I know there is more than a handful of productive things I could be doing at any given moment. For starters, I have several projects that I want to complete and/or make good progress in during my free time this summer, and above everything else, that is what's most important to me. I'm kind of banking a lot of my self-worth on these projects and if these don't pan out by the end of the summer, I'm probably not going to be feeling too well or worth much of anything.

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Well, he said he was bored!
[10:45:55 AM] Leobrandodon Flower: boredom
[10:46:10 AM] Leobrandodon Flower: I want to build a magic deck but idk what I wanna build
[10:46:23 AM] SSJ4 Brinner: Aliens themed deck
[10:46:28 AM] SSJ4 Brinner: or
[10:46:33 AM] SSJ4 Brinner: Game of Thrones themed deck
[10:46:34 AM] SSJ4 Brinner: or
[10:46:41 AM] SSJ4 Brinner: Little Mermaid themed merman deck
[10:47:48 AM] SSJ4 Brinner: That is
[10:48:04 AM] SSJ4 Brinner: Little Mermaid: The male whorehouse themed merman deck
[10:48:22 AM] SSJ4 Brinner: and each merman is a male prostitute hired by Ariel
[10:48:39 AM] SSJ4 Brinner: and they have sex with Ursula to keep her out of trouble
[10:49:11 AM] SSJ4 Brinner: it's a strategy for dealing with problems that I like to call "avoiding by pleasuring"
[10:49:14 AM] SSJ4 Brinner: "wink"
[10:49:31 AM] SSJ4 Brinner: The wink is part of the name, but should always be included in separate quotations
[10:50:02 AM] Leobrandodon Flower: ... *smack*
[10:50:04 AM] SSJ4 Brinner: X)
[10:51:02 AM] SSJ4 Brinner: It could be both an MTG deck, AND high grossing porn
[10:51:11 AM] SSJ4 Brinner: You cannot miss this wonderful marketing opportunity
[10:51:32 AM] SSJ4 Brinner: The little girls who grew up with Little Mermaid are all grown up and horny now
[10:51:48 AM | Edited 10:52:29 AM] SSJ4 Brinner: they need a porn film to fill their needs, and an MTG deck to go with it
[10:56:15 AM] Leobrandodon Flower: samir just stop while you're behind -__-
[10:57:21 AM] SSJ4 Brinner: X)
[10:57:23 AM] SSJ4 Brinner: Okay

I went semi-lucid last night,
but I only chose to do anything for a small part of the dream. Sometime near the end, I grouped up with a group that I identified as the group from collegiate, but I didn't identify who each individual was. We were in some kind of living room in the night sky without walls or a ceiling, and we were near a bunch of gymnastic poles placed over and around floating spiked balls in the air. There was an unidentified strong guy ready to swing from them as I looked for a place to sit down.

There were so many of us that I chose to sit on the floor, and then I felt a tap on my back. I hoped that it was Ashley Landuyt poking me, and therefore she was. I was surprised that she was friendly and not running away from me. Also she had black hair, which I guess it was for a while. I have no idea what color it is now. Anyway, I got off the floor and hugged her for a while, and I hoped and wished that it would feel like a real hug, and it did. It was 1:1 in comparison to both how our hugs would go and exactly how it would feel. Like, it felt like I was actually hugging her in real life, except I knew it was a dream.

We didn't say anything to each other, we only communicated in body language. After a little bit, I felt it wasn't a good idea to stay there forever, and I left to do gymnastics over spiked balls. Then I woke up.

I think it's safe to say that I don't feel any pain when thinking about Ash and the lack of contact I've had with her since her house in Crestview sold. I think I can even go on to say that I'm over her, and have been for a good while now. I'm ready to move on to future events, to find the next source of happiness and motivation. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish she came back in contact with me, even if for one day a year. She was my favorite friend, and the funnest I ever had, and although it doesn't cripple me anymore, I wish I could talk to her again.

This entire Reddit thread is really entertaining, but THIS... X)!

You know what's weird about Questionable Content?
Black people are built just like white people. It's not like that in real life, they develop different features that makes them much more varying human beings than just skin tone!

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If they don't, they should!
Everyone knows about gay chicken. Straight people play it, yadda yadda yadda, but what about STRAIGHT CHICKEN?!

Do gay people play that? Is it hard for gay people to find contestants for that? This would be so funny to watch! :O!


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